About Us

R-sensors is a Russian manufacturer of seismic and geophysical instruments
Company R-sensors Company R-sensors
Seismic Instruments for Science and Engineering

Established in 2004, R-sensors is one of leading manufacturers of seismic and geophysical instruments in Russia.  

R-sensors' broadband and short-period seismometers, seismic accelerometers, data loggers, geophones and other seismic and geophysical instruments are notable for a high sensitivity, wide bandwidth, rugged assembly, compact size and low power consumption.

R-sensors' customers include engineering firms, research centers and universities, government organizations in Russia and other countries.

To find out more about our products or request an order, email us on r-sensors@mail.ru or call at (498) 744 69 95.

Our instruments are an effective quality/price ratio.

The company provides flexible payment conditions, 18 months warranty and delivery across Russia and abroad.