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  • 2018: tests on the Ladoga lake
    2018: tests on the Ladoga lake
    Our colleagues of The Center for Molecular Electronics (CME) in cooperation with The Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences carried out the field research tests of geohydroacoustic molecular-electronic measuring modules at the test site of Oceanpribor (Ocean Instruments) on one of the skerries of the Ladoga Lake which is east of Saint Petersburg.

    Ice-frozen modules in a predetermined arrangement conducted the 24-hour monitoring of seismic events on the ice of the lake. By means of the recorded data, the propagation of various types of waves in a complex structure (ice-water-bottom) has been studied. The received data allowed to perform the tomography of the place of measurement. The autonomous molecular-electronic geohydroacoustic modules provided the registration, storage and data transfer in relation to the location coordinates and the exact GPS time during one week. 

    In addition, the testing program included full-scale tests of a new development of CME – a prototype of a molecular-electronic hydrophone on a natural reservoir. The sensors' self-noise and comparison of the response to an external signal with foreign analogs have been studied.
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